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Ulli Schauen

Facilitator, Organizer, Reporter, Editor
Kisumu / Coiogne - Kenya / Germany
Media should make a difference by digging out exclusive genuine stories.
Ulli is in Panama to discuss the idea of helping journalists in the field with story ideas and first-hand-information at their fingertips - like it is been done at the latest project he's in: http://roggkenya.org - Reporting on Good Governance and Corruption in Kenya.
The idea of roggkenya.org seems to be so unique that #17IACC invited Ulli to discuss it in Panama but at the same time could not find a panel to group this project with. Therefore Ulli and Samuel Kimeu of Transparency International Kenya invite participants to contact them and find out how and where they can meet them. One means of contact can be Whatsapp through +49 163 83219954.

RoGGKenya.org is Ulli's latest project after he has been trying to dig out stories in his work with broadcast companies in Germany and other countries like the BBC, Radio Norway, Deutschlandfunk and WDR Cologne producing radio and TV documentaries on issues as diverse as what the Indian independence meant for the Dalits ("untouchables"), the history and consequences of US occupation in Korea or the moral fight about street prostitution.

In recent years he has also worked as a trainer with Kenyan radio journalists.
Their daily task is to report on corruption and good governance issues. But the financial and working conditions in their media houses are not always favorable - these facts inhibit the motivation to hunt for exclusive stories. Every training or other journalism empowerment must take this into respect.
Out of the experience of the trainings on journalism crafts connected to good governance issues he created the concept of RoGGKenya, a website that should provide the tools for reporting on these issues to the fingertips of Kenyan journalists.
With his contractor for the trainings, DW Akademie, and four Kenyan NGOs (among them TI Kenya) he has worked until the idea of RoGGKenya.org to became reality - it went online in September 2016.

At the IACC 17 in Panama Ulli is keen
- to share and discuss with other participants the concept of RoGGKenya,
- to learn from others if an endeavour like this could be established in other countries as well,
- to profit from existing experience as well as
- to find donors for the future expansion and improvement of RoGGKenya.

He would love to be contacted about these and other issues by other participants of the IACC.