17th IACC has ended

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A preview of the agenda is found below. Please note that this is a draft agenda and subject to change. 


Mora Kantor

Anti-Corruption Office
Director of Planification of Policies for Transparency

Mora Kantor is the Director of Planification of Policies for Transparency in the Anti-Corruption Office. Previously, she has served as a senior advisor in this same organism specifically in the areas of transparency and anticorruption. She has also performed duties as a senior adviser in the Argentine Congress and the Executive branch of government. She has also worked in the Anticorruption Program of the NGO Poder Ciudadano. In 2009 she was selected as a participant of the International Visitor Leadership Program organized and funded by the U.S Department of State. She teaches Bases of Political Science in the University of Buenos Aires where she got her degree in Political Science. She also attended Postgraduate Studies in Public Administration and Public Policy in the University of San Andres.