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A preview of the agenda is found below. Please note that this is a draft agenda and subject to change. 

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Tim Ken Mackey, MAS, PhD

UC San Diego
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Global Public Health
Greater San Diego Area
Tim Ken Mackey is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Global Public Health at UC San Diego School of Medicine and is also the Director of Healthcare Research and Policy at UC San Diego - Extension. He is also the Director of the Global Health Policy Institute (www.ghpolicy.org).  He holds a BA in Political Science-International Relations and a Masters Degree in Health Policy & Law from UC San Diego and also earned his PhD in Global Public Health from the joint doctoral program at UC San Diego - San Diego State University.   His work focuses on a broad array of multidisciplinary topics in domestic and global public health. This includes cross-cutting research in disciplines of public health, health technology and innovation, supply chain, pharmaceutical policy, international relations, and public policy and law.  He has co-authored over 140 publications and given over 100 presentations to audiences in academia, industry, and government.  He also has extensive professional experience working over 10 years in industry, and acting as a consultant for the World Health Organization, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. Department of Justice.  He is also the co-Chair of the IEEE Standards Association Supply Chain/Clinical Trials Technology Implementation Industry Connections Program that focuses on stakeholder collaboration around blockchain technology for the pharmaceutical supply chain.