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Alejandra Gomez

Researcher in Crime and Criminal Justice
A national of Mexico and Spain, she holds an English Literature degree from the University of Chihuahua (Mexico), a Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Cardiff, and a Doctoral degree awarded in the field of organized crime by the same Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.

Soon after graduating, she joined the United Nations of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) where she worked as an associate Crime and Criminal Justice Expert at the Global Programme against Transnational Organized Crime. Her stay at UNODC concurred with the preparation, adoption and approval of the United Nations Convention against transnational organized crime. After that she went to work for the Andalusian Institute of Criminology based in Malaga, conducting major investigations into economic and organized crime in the planning and development sectors. The publication of two of her books attest to her work in this area: Unlawful practices in urban development: A study of the Costa del Sol and North Merinos: A phenomenology of a macro urban project.

In July 2013, she joined the Center of Excellence in Statistical Information on Government, Crime, Victimization and Justice (a joint project between UNODC and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography in Mexico, INEGI) as a researcher in Crime and Criminal Justice. Since then, she has been a fundamental contributor to the Latin American and the Caribbean Crime Victimization Survey Initiative (VICLAC-LACSI).