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Carla Miller

City Ethics
Florida, USA
Carla is the Founder and President of City Ethics (www.cityethics.org) a non-profit organization that offers online tools and resources to people who want to fight local government corruption. Carla started her career as a federal prosecutor with a focus on white collar crime; she recently finished a 2 year network fellowship at the E.J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard. Carla was an officer of COGEL (www.cogel.org), the national government ethics organization in the U.S. After volunteering for her own city's ethics program (Jacksonville, Florida) she observed firsthand the problems of a typical municipal ethics program based only on highly technical laws. In the last decade, Carla initiated a strong citizen coalition in her city and created an independent local ethics office which she now directs. She has trained thousands of city employees and officials, written ethics codes and referendums, and received hundreds of calls on an anonymous hotline. She has fought lobbyists, big business and union interests in their dealings with local government and understands through personal experience the meaning and impact of institutional corruption.
Carla has her law degree from University of Florida and is a member of the Florida Bar and the Australian (NSW) Bar.