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A preview of the agenda is found below. Please note that this is a draft agenda and subject to change. 

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Jess Search

Doc Society
Chief Executive
London, United Kingdom
I am Chief Executive of Doc Society, which together with the Bertha Foundation and Transparency International, is programing the Films for Transparency at the IACC.
Doc Society funds and champions social justice films which fight corruption globally. We co-produced CITIZENFOUR which broke the Edward Snowden revelations and executive produced Virunga (DRC), An Insignificant Man (India), No Fire Zone (Sri Lanka), Hooligan Sparrow (China), The Opposition (PNG), Borneo Case (Malaysia), Shadow World (global arms trade) and many more.

I am also a board member for Marie Stopes International (which provides family planning and abortion services in 37 countries), Kickstarter (which raises million of $$ for creative projects) and I recently became chair of the Institute of Public Policy Research (which just released the influential Economic Justice Commission report).

Before all that, I was a Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 and I have an MBA from Cass Business School which is something handy.
Oh and I am currently working with Mary Robinson (the first female president of Ireland and former head of the UN Human Rights Commission) on a feminist climate change podcast called MOTHERS OF INVENTION with comedian Maeve Higgins.
Friday, December 2

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Saturday, December 3

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Sunday, December 4

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My Moderators Sessions

Saturday, December 3

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